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A. Navigation Bar

The Navigation bar on the thread viewer provides navigation functions and page settings.

1. Classic vs Story Layout

User can view documents in either Classic Layout or Story Layout mode by clicking the Classic or Story switch on the navigation bar.

  • Classic Layout: The thread viewer will display original text instead of entities after name resolution. Under classic layout, the latest email will be listed at the top, for example:

  • Story Layout: The thread viewer will display entities after name resolution. Under Story layout, the earliest email will be listed at the top, for example:

2. Highlight Entities Button

The highlight button near the top of the document viewer will highlight entities found in the documents. Click the highlight setting button (603e73d56a4b0.png) on the left to toggle between highlighting and no highlighting. Use the button just on its right to switch between All and Current Search. When All is selected, all entities found in the document will be highlighted. When Current search is used, the system will only highlight based on the search criteria used. 

The arrows allow navigation to the previous or next annotation. The marker icon furthest to the right allows you to engage in user annotation by highlighting.


Additional control over color coded entity mention highlighting is described above in Section 5 - Custom Entity Types – B. User Annotation. Highlighting settings persist from session to session per user.

3. Thread Viewer Settings

Click the Settings 603e73d859bd3.png icon to open the thread viewer settings:

  • COSMIC TOOLBARS: determines where to set the COSMIC pane. A user can place the COSMIC pane at the top, bottom, or both. [See COSMIC description in Section 9.]

  • EMOTION SCORES: show or hide linguistic scores detected for each segment. The scores will show up at the top of the segment.


    • Show All Content: show all content, including repeated content, signature and disclaimers.

    • Show Original Content: show the original segment before merging.

    • Show Original Header: show the original email segment header lines.

    • Show Original Segment Order: show segments in their original order (newest one first).

  • LANGUAGE: show languages detected in each segment.

4. Navigation mode selector

Users can click the dropdown list to select different navigation modes, including Thread/Document/Hit:


In addition, users can use 603e73e08e350.png and 603e73e18e16c.png buttons to navigate back/forward.