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Building Document Folders

Administrators can build document folders at import by selecting the Build Document Folders checkbox in the Import Documents, or else can do so later in the Document Folders screen under the Create pane and selecting a field such as SOURCE or CUSTODIAN or RELATIVE_PATH for the values which will set up these folders. This utility parses the Documents folder in Folder View below the top load set level for easier viewing and categorization based on the field and delimiters specified in the System Settings:

  • ‘DocumentFoldersDatabaseField’,

  • ‘DocumentFoldersMultiValueDelimiter,’ and

  • ‘DocumentFoldersDelimiter’.


There are few settings here, but they are important. After choosing the Case Name of the project to be processed and then selecting the import jobs for that project for which to generate folders, there are three items to be decided before clicking Run.

Document Folders Field
  • This field contains the folder path information used to build the folders.

  • This can be a single value or multi-value field; if a multi-value field, the value delimiter must be set (the default is a semicolon).

  • The folder branches are specified using the Folder Path Separator Characters (Document Folders Delimiter) specified below.

  • The default is the RELATIVE_PATH field often rendered in load files as SOURCE, but this can be changed system wide or by project.

  • Here is a sample of a load file containing only the control number field DOCID and the document folders field RELATIVE_PATH:


      þENRON001þþ\chris_germany_000.pst\germany-c\Germany, Chris\Germany, Chris\Sent Itemsþ

      þENRON002þþ\chris_germany_001.pst\germany-c\CGERMAN (Non-Privileged)\Whateverþ

      þENRON003þþ\chris_germany_000.pst\germany-c\Germany, Chris\Germany, Chris\Contactsþ

      þENRON004þþ\chris_germany_001.pst\germany-c\CGERMAN (Non-Privileged)\Sent Itemsþ

Document Folders Delimiter
  • This is used to parse the folders from what is usually a path string value.

  • The default is \ (back-slash), but this can be changed system-wide or by project. The document folders field should begin with a back-slash character.

Delete All Existing Folders Before Building

Selecting this option will clear all existing Document Folders for the selected Import File job(s) before building folders based on the specified field and delimiter criteria. This option should be exercised with great caution, to be used only when the original document folders for the specified project and import job(s) were done improperly.