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Bulk Tagging Documents

To Bulk Tag a set of documents, run a search or select a folder of documents in the Document List. Users can also take bulk action on all documents within a project by selecting the Documents node from the main review screen. From the Review menu, choose the Bulk Tag button. The Bulk Tag window appears.

  • Select the number of documents to include.

  • Select the desired action:

    • Apply tags and folders and notes

    • Remove tags and folders and notes

    • Remove Notes

    • Overwrite, prepend or append information to fields

    • Write to blank fields only

  • Add a name to track the job if desired.

  • Select any folders, if desired.

  • Select the desired tags.

  • If you leave any tag or folder alone, no action will be taken.

  • If you are removing items, that you have checked the appropriate option to REMOVE tags and folder, or REMOVE notes. Be sure to also select the appropriate tag or folder.

  • Choose Submit to complete.

  • The status of the job may be monitored under Jobs > Bulk Tag via the Flyout Menu.