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Creating a Field Profile and Assigning to a Team

Field Profiles individually define a list of fields and their display and sort order for assignment to Teams. Profiles may be added and updated by Project Managers under the role of Administrator or Client Administrator.

  • Open the Flyout Menu and navigate to Project Admin.

  • Click on Fields link in the top menu bar. The Field Profiles form opens.

  • Choose Add.

  • Enter a unique name for the Field Profile.

  • Enter an optional description and choose Add.

  • Select the new profile to illuminate the Field Profiles toolbar and choose Assign Teams.

  • You may select one or more existing teams from the list, or add a new team name and choose Assign.

  • With the new profile selected choose Assign Fields.

  • Select all fields to be presented in this profile by checking Include for each field; the fields will be Initially Visible by default, you may uncheck that to suppress their display. If needed, type a portion of the field name in the box under Field Display Name and hit ENTER; clear the box and hit ENTER again to remove the Field Display Name filter.

  • Choose Assign when complete.

  • You may wish to set the Display Order to optimally present the profile's fields.

  • With the profile selected, choose Display Order from the Field Profiles toolbar. This will designate the order in which the fields are presented as columns in the Document List and as entries in the Document Review Fields pane or in Metadata View.

  • Click the pointer on the handle 603d31ec13488.png to the left of any field that you want to move and drag it into position; a dotted line between rows will indicate its current drop position as you go.

  • Click Update when complete.

  • Lastly you may designate the Sort Order. Begin Number (or BEGDOC) is generally the default if available.