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Document Loader


The Loader function under Project Admin is to be deprecated. Please refer to the Upload Data item under the Flyout Menu for this purpose. 

Client Administrators can upload small batches of data from the Project Admin screen under Loading. This does not replace the Administrator's primary data load utilities in the Reveal Review Manager, but allows a Client Administrator to add a supplemental data set directly from the Web interface. The data uploader can accept files with the following extensions: zip, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pps, pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif, tif, tiff, bmp, csv, rtf, txt, msg, mht, eml, htm, html, png, ogg, mp3, mp4, wav, oga, ogv, webm.


To begin ingesting a small batch, click +Add in the Document Loader tab of the Loading section of Project Admin.

  • Give the Job a Name (required).

  • Click +Add to open the Loader Job Setup window.

  • Click Select File(s) to navigate to the data on disk or drag and drop the files onto the folder icon in the window.

  • When all of the files have been added, go to the Numbering tab. This is where you can specify a new numbering sequence and format for the set or have it pick up the next control number.

  • Next go to the Data tab and enter the Batch ID (required), the Custodian (optional) and Source (optional).

  • Make any changes you wish to Select Document Fields to Populate.

  • Click Add.


To review an updated method of quickly loading small batches of documents see Uploading Data from the Web.