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Importing Tags and Work Folders

The Import Tags function can be used to migrate tags and folders from another system or project to the current Reveal project. Import Tags uses the entire Import Profile and pulls out the relevant data, including the multi-value and nested delimiters. If you have multiple tag sets you will need to run multiple passes to update all.


There is a functional limit to the amount of tags/folders which can exist in a project as large amounts of folders can slow down the system. As a result, we recommend no more than 1,000 and do not recommend using folders to mirror the Original Document Location.

To Import Tags or Work folders:

  • Navigate to the Import pane and select Tags. The Import Tags (and Work Folders) window opens.

  • Select the desired Project.

  • Select the Import Profile matching the delimiters used in your load file. The default is Concordance which uses ASCII 254 (the 'thorn' character) to define field contents, ASCII 020 as a field separator, ASCII 174 (the 'registered' symbol) for an in-field new line (not used for Tag and Work Folder definition), and a hard return for a new record.

  • You may optionally set up a new Import Profile Definition or edit a current one by clicking Setup.

    • Multi-Value Delimiter – Used for populating multiple values with a tag at the same time.

    • Nested Value – Used to Nest tags within another tag.


      If you want to populate a nested Tag, make sure that the Tag you are going to populate is set to “Tree”.

  • Select the File to Load.

  • Connect the BEGDOC Field to the unique identifier in your load file.

  • In the Tag Field dropdown, select which field you would like to import and mark if you’d like to add it as a Work Folder or Tag.

  • Select the Root (Work) Folder or Tag Set where the data should be loaded.

  • Select Load Tags to complete the process.

  • Repeat these steps for additional fields that need loading.