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Indexing Data

After importing documents has completed, it is a best practice to start the index process. This can be done by going to the Create pane and choosing Indexes. An index at the most basic level locates words imported into the project to enable searching and highlighting of search hits.

  1. In the Case Name field, use the dropdown menu to select your project.

  2. In the Index table select the set of loaded data identified in the Import File column to be indexed.

  3. To alert teams and/or users upon completion of an indexing job,

    • select Options button and

    • go to the Notifications tab to choose the appropriate recipients.

  4. Choose the Index/Re-Index button located in the middle of the window beneath the Index table.

  5. Select the Document Text Sets you wish to index. By default the Native/HTML, Extracted, and OCR/Loaded text sets are present, but additional text sets may have been added to the current project.

    • The Text Set choices will determine the order which the sets will be indexed.

      • OCR/Loaded will be indexed first, if present, then the Extracted Text will be indexed, followed by the Native/HTML view.

      • This is done to get data into the project as quickly as possible to make the documents searchable.

    • As soon as a Text Set completes indexing, the project will become searchable.

    • When indexing is complete the documents may be viewed in the Native / HTML viewer in the Document Review screen.

  6. Specific documents can be targeted using the Doc List field to specify a List file containing the identified document numbering field (BEGDOC by default). Users can choose between Unindexed and Errors, Non-Error, and All Documents.

  7. Users can choose to change the priority of a specific indexing jobs. The priority of a job is relative, so if a user chooses to make all indexing jobs High priority, the net effect is that all jobs are the same priority and, therefore, there is no high priority.


See Reconnecting to an Indexing Job.

Reconnecting to a Running Index Job

If the Reveal Review Manager gets closed during an indexing job, the job continues to run. It may be useful for the user to reconnect to a currently running job, or an already completed job.


To Reconnect with an indexing job:

  1. Open the Create pane and select Indexes to open.

  2. Select the Reconnect button and a list of currently running jobs for the selected project will be presented.

  3. Select the job to reconnect to and select the 'Reconnect to Selected' button.

  4. To see jobs that have already been completed, select the 'Include completed jobs' checkbox and both running and completed jobs will be shown in the list.

  5. Select the job in question and the statistics for the job will be displayed within the Status area.

  6. For running jobs, their current status will be updated and displayed and the user will be able to continue to monitor the progress of the job.

See Indexing Data for more information on the Indexing process.