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Migrating Relativity Workspaces

When migrating Workspaces between Relativity Instances, Brainspace work product can be preserved by simply pointing Brainspace to the new Relativity Instance via the process described below.


  • The URL linking the Document from Brainspace to Relativity will contain the previous Relativity Connector information. A feature request has been submitted to facilitate dynamic Connector configurations.


  1. Create a new Relativity Connector with the new Relativity Instance configuration.

  2. Verify the new Relativity Connector is configured correctly by using the Test Connector button in the Relativity Connector editor.



  1. Select the Reconfigure Connector option for the given Dataset, navigate to the Field Mappings pane and save the Field Mapping as a Template.

  2. Remove the Relativity Connector from the target Dataset.

  3. Using the Choose Connector button, select the Relativity Connector configured for the new Relativity instance.

  4. Select the migrated Workspace, ensuring the WorkspaceID has changed.

  5. Load the previously saved Field Map Template.


  1. [glossary_exclude]Sync[/glossary_exclude] the Connected Tags in the target Dataset to ensure the migration was successful.


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