Reveal Help Center


Client Administrators set up redaction labels and assign them to users and teams via profiles in the Redactions Project Admin screen.

  • One the left side of the screen, you may +Add new label to create a redaction.

    • Label is the text that will be displayed on the redaction.

    • Description is optional.

    • Font defaults to Arial.

    • Font Size defaults to 48 point.

    • Click Add to create.

  • On the right side of the screen, first select or add a new Redaction Profile.

    • Settings is where you share access with user(s) or team(s).

    • You may also enter a checkbox to make redactions updateable for this profile.

    • Next you may insert redaction labels into the profile in one of two ways:

      • Click or Ctrl-click one or more labels and select Insert in profile; or

      • Grab the six-dot handle to the left of a label  603d32000f2c5.pngand drag it across to the profile pane.