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Standard Onboarding Support Expectations

During the Onboarding process there are several questions that arise which will require support specialists, and others which will require a response from other Reveal resources such as Development, Infrastructure, Consulting, etc. This can create a backlog of tickets in the system. To help set expectations during this process, please review the information below for standard Onboarding support response times.

The chart below outlines typical contractual SLA details followed by descriptive language for each issue level.


Initial Response Time

Answer or Information/Deliverable

Target Resolution Time

Level 1 Issue

30 minutes

Within 1 hour

Within 24 hours

Level 2 Issue

Within 1 hour

Within 4 hours

Acceptable workaround within 24 hours

Level 3 Issue

Within 4 hours

Within 12 hours

Next maintenance update

Level 4 Issue

16 business hours

Within 72 hours

10 business days


Level 1 – defined as a program error that prevents access to a Service.

Level 2 – defined as a program error for which a workaround has not been provided.

Level 3 – defined as a program error with little or no impact on productivity, an error where a workaround has been provided, or a request for an enhancement or additional functionality that is not attributed to a defect in the Service.

Level 4 – defined as an information event, including but not limited to roadmap questions, related technologies or any other request.


Due to a potentially high volume of tickets from multiple users which could comprise user access issues, software workflow questions or feature requests, ticket reports with statuses are generated on agreed intervals and shared with a Reveal Customer Success Manager (“CSM”) for review and discussion. The CSM will assist with ticket prioritization and drive for timely resolution to ensure a highly responsive and efficient Onboarding experience.

Onboarding support tickets typically fall into the SLA Level 3 category, but some higher-level issues may arise. The following are examples of tickets of a more urgent nature or deemed a higher priority:

Level 2

  • General User Access (i.e., bulk user provisioning requests across multiple applications may take longer).

  • General application questions regarding functionality.

  • General Environment topics such as URL, Load Machine Access, Import/Indexing speeds, Simple workflow and/or bug questions (including errors due to misunderstanding application functionality).

Level 3

  • Questions requiring escalation to other Reveal teams such as Development requests to understand higher-level functionality and logic.

  • Consulting for typical e-discovery workflows using Reveal technologies.

  • Infrastructure requests for additional software installation and hardware provisioning or improvements.

Level 4

  • Any requests related to new features, custom documentation or administrative “how do I” requests.

It is Reveal’s #1 priority to be as responsive to our customers as possible, and we will always work to achieve earlier time-to-resolution metrics than documented SLAs.