Reveal Help Center

Transcribing Documents

You can use Reveal to transcribe audio and video files into linked searchable text. 

Once you have identified and selected the files for transcription, open Transcribe from the Review Toolbar above the Document List.


Once you have chosen the documents to be processed, set the following:

  • The Text Set in which the original documents are to be found (usually Native / HTML).

  • The language in use from the following list of languages and dialects:

    • Gulf Arabic

    • Modern Standard Arabic

    • Chinese Mandarin - Mainland

    • Dutch

    • Australian English

    • British English

    • Indian English

    • Irish English

    • Scottish English

    • US English

    • Welsh English

    • Spanish

    • US Spanish

    • French

    • Canadian French

    • Farsi

    • German

    • Swiss German

    • Hebrew

    • Indian Hindi

    • Indonesian

    • Italian

    • Japanese

    • Korean

    • Malay

    • Portuguese

    • Brazilian Portuguese

    • Russian

    • Tamil

    • Telugu

    • Turkish

  • The Text Set into which the transcription should be placed (usually Transcription).

  • A Job Name should be supplied to track the progress and result under Jobs > AV Transcription under the Flyout Menu.